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Reasonable price for Hf Rfid Tags Label -
Reasonable price for Hf Rfid Tags Label - BOTTLE LABEL – Xinye

RF Specifications Chip:Impinj M6-P Frequency:860-960mhz Protocol:ISO 18000-6CEPC:128bits User:32bits TID: 48bits Operating Mode:Passive IC Life:Write endurance of 100,000 cycles,Data retention of 10 year Operating Distance:1-10m, depending on the reader configuration Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃Personalization:Full color pre-printing,QR Code printing, Barcode printing,Laser printing,Inkjet printing, Logo Printing,UID printing,Encoding,ect. Package 100 pcs/ box ,1000-3000 pcs /Roll, 1-5 Ro...

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