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Materials:PVC,ABS,PET   Operating Frequency:125KHz,13.56MHz.   Chip types:Mifare Ultralight,Mifare Ultralight C,Mifare S20,Mifare S50,Mifare S70,Mifare PLUS 1K/2K/4K,I CODE SLI-X(S/L),NTAG203/213/215/216,Mifare DESFire 2K/4K/8K,EM4200,EM4305,EM4450,TK4100,T5577,CET5577,Hitag 1/2/S,SLE66R01,SLE66R35,TOPAZ512,SRT512,Ti2048,Felica-lite-S.CPU:IS23SC4456,FM1208 and a variety of models of compatible chips as FM11RF08,GT23SC4439,GT23SC4469.   Personalization Support:Silk-screen printi...

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