Screen printing screen maintenance tips

Regardless of the type of screen printing, the mesh must be cleaned and degreased before use. If the corresponding degreasing work is not done, the screen will be delaminated or destroyed in the printing process. If the net cloth is not cleaned in time, it will be garbled and screen printing will be unsmooth when it is used for the next time. During the printing process, to avoid accidental cracking or damage to the mesh, contact with a knife or other sharp object should be avoided. Pneumatic components, can not make too much water and oil into the air pressure system, to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the service life of the cylinder to ensure the compressed air drying and clean, it is best to install freeze dryer. Poor flow of ink and web peeling are two direct reasons for screen replacement. If the proper maintenance work is done, problems will be reduced during the printing process, so that the screen can not only withstand thousands of printing, but also extend the service life. The other is when shutting down the work, should shut off the power switch and compressed air source; speed control valve cylinder and the ministries should avoid the magnetic loss; after the horizontal slide position and precision highly matched components must be commonly used to wipe clean and Oil, to prevent rust caused by the impact of precision. Marking the weaving number and the service life of the mesh on the frame is also a good way to guarantee the normal screen printing. In addition, the selection of a suitable frame, mesh, and reasonable maintenance will make the screen printing work more effective. Therefore, if you want to use screen printing machine screens for a long time, spend more time on maintenance.