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RFID Smart Label


The principle of RFID Smart Label:

The simplest RFID system consists of an electronic tag, a reader, and an antenna. RFID Smart Label are placed on the identified object, storing specific electronic data, each tag having a unique electronic code, but the difference must be that the stored information can The RFID chip is characterized by a tag antenna and a tag chip. The tag chip has a wireless transceiver function and a storage function.


Advantages of RFID:

Compared with traditional bar codes, RFID technology has different scope of application. Conceptually, both of them aim to quickly identify target objects, but the biggest difference is that bar codes are “visual technology”, and the role of RFID tags is not only It is limited to this. In addition, compared with traditional barcodes, RFID technology has the advantages of fast recognition speed, large capacity, long life, wide application range, dynamic change of label data and real-time communication.


RFID Smart Label features:

 1. RFID Smart Label data storage capacity is large, and data can be updated and read and written at any time.

 2. RFID Smart Label read and write faster, multi-target recognition.

3. Easy to use. RFID Smart Label are small and easy to package.

4. High security. RFID Smart Label use proprietary chips and are difficult to copy.

5. Long life, RFID Smart Label is very resistant to harsh environments.


Application of RFID smart label in packaging anti-counterfeiting:

RFID technology can be applied to the payment system of the retail industry. For example, in the checkout, the RFID smart tag is attached to the goods, and the consumer can walk out of the store after crossing the RFID reader without taking the goods out of the shopping cart. Any bar code scan, the total price will be displayed on the screen almost immediately.

The technology can also be applied to supply chain management to help improve inventory management. By attaching the RFID smart tag to the container, the type and quantity of the incoming goods can be automatically recognized, and the information can be immediately updated to the database, and the inventory level can be checked on the monitoring shelf for timely replenishment.

However, the RFID application field is not only here, but another advantage is its strong anti-theft function. If a customer steals a product with an RFID smart tag in the store, the RFID smart tag will automatically remind the security. Therefore, RFID technology can effectively solve the phenomenon of theft.

In RFID anti-counterfeiting applications, clothing is commonly used for anti-counterfeiting. Apparel manufacturers place unique RFID read-write tags and garments in cartons, each with a unique ID number. When passing an RFID tag reader, all carton information is read and transferred to the PC, which is very convenient. In addition, this label is also widely used in the anti-counterfeiting of drugs, documents and other aspects, the principle of anti-counterfeiting is similar. RFID smart tags are now widely used. More features about RFID smart tags will be developed in the future.

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