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Cash Card


Cash card introduction:
The cash card is a kind of payment deduction tool of the mall. It is equivalent to the function of the cash stored value card and can be divided into multiple consumptions. When using the cash card, it is not subject to any conditions such as category, brand, and product type, and can be used for purchase. Any item sold in the mall. Cash cards are generally available in a number of ways: the first is a refund for price protection, and a typical refund is returned as a cash card. The second type is a return refund for the freight that has been paid for the return and exchange, and this fee will be refunded in the form of a cash card. The third type is a compensatory refund due to a wrong or missing gift or product problem caused by the mall. The fourth type is the lottery prizes won by users participating in events held in the mall. The content of the general prize will include a reward for the cash card.

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