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Anti-Fake RFID Label


Advantages of anti-fake RFID label:
Compared with other anti-counterfeiting technologies, anti-fake RFID label has the advantage that each label has a unique number and its own encrypted storage space, which can carry or store more encrypted information. Therefore, the anti-fake RFID label is highly secure and flexible in application. In the application of anti-fake RFID label, it can now be used in ticket security, especially during the peak season of holiday, the fraud of attraction tickets and tickets always exists. There is also the anti-counterfeiting of the documents. Embedding RFID label in the documents can identify the authenticity of the documents. In addition, anti-fake RFID label can also be used for product security. By adding anti-counterfeit labels to the production and packaging process, it is possible to distinguish the authenticity of the goods and protect the interests of consumers.






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