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Advantages Of Anti-Metal RFID Tags


Anti-metal RFID tags add anti-metal materials to RFID tags to prevent labels from colliding with metal objects and failing. Metal-resistant RFID tags are water resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and have good impact and temperature resistance. Anti-metal RFID tags have solved the problem that RFID tags cannot solve to some extent. The surface supports printing of printed patterns such as barcodes and QR codes. Metal-resistant RFID tags can be used for indoor equipment management, asset management, vehicle management, payment management, and more.

What are the advantages of anti-metal RFID tags? In fact, it is mainly to use anti-metal RFID tags to customize the data of RFID anti-metal electronic tags. The metal-proof RFID tag has strong anti-interference ability, and can read and write multiple anti-metal RFID tags at the same time, and the reading and writing distance is long. In addition, anti-metal RFID tags have stable performance and long service life. Another point is that it has a storage area that allows users to perform operations such as encryption, reading and writing, and erasing, and has high security.


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