Squeegee Hardness Tester GS-719N

Squeegee Hardness Tester GS-719N       Made by TECLOCK CORPORATION in Japan Introduction DUROMETER, RUBBER and PL ASTIC HARDNESS TESTER isproduced from a thought that there might be a manner to express anambiguous sense of human feelings about the hardness, e.g. "slightlysoft", by a numeral value which can be compared by some physicalmanner, and that it might be possible with an elastic material which canbe distorted by a human force. The basic concept of this idea is following as shown in the below figure.When the Indentor of specific shape gives a distortion onto the surfaceof a specimen with the pressure produced by the specific spring load,the specimen produces a resilient force against the pressure load. The "hardness" means the depressed  Indentoramount of Indentor at the time when the resilient force becomes equal to the pressure load. Since so called the Indentor of specific shape  and the specific load are the values given by human experience or experimental sense, the value consequently got is a "relative physical amount" with no unit. Screen printing requires the use of different hardness scrapers to match different printing processes.Different scraping hardness, the support of screen printing is not the same.