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Magnetic Stripe Card

Features: Magnetic card is a kind of magnetic recording media card. It consists of high-strength, high temperature resistant plastic or plastic coated paper can be moisture-proof, wear-resistant and have a certain degree of flexibility,and easy to carry. It's very stable and reliable. In general, The printing side has  indicative information, such as card direction; And there is  magnetosphere, or magnetic stripe on the other side with 2-3 tracks to record the relevant information and data.
Application: There are three data tracks within a magnetic card  ,the first two  are read-only tracks, and the last is read and write track, like recode of the balance and ect. magnetic card developed early because of its ease of data reading and writing,its easy-use and low cost.Magnetic card has a wide application ,such as phone prepaid card,Rate card, Appointment card, Ticket, Deposit card, Credit card and so on.
Features of magnetic card: It can read and write, namely it has the ability to uodate its data immediately;  its data storage can meet the needs generally;And it's easy to use and with low cost. All these advantages cause the magnetic card has a widespread application.Such as credit card, blank ATM card, membership card, cash card (for example telephone magcard), airplane ticket, bus ticket, automatic vending card and so on.
The limitation  of magcard tech is that the time of data storage is restricted by the polar durability of magnetic granule.Moreover, the safety performance of magcard data storage is low, for example, when magcard contacts the magnetic substance,it may cause data loss or chaotic.And to improve the safety performance of magcard data storage, you must adopt other related technology,but it cause cost increasing. With the development of new technology, magcard was gradually replaced because of its bad safety performance.
 But, under the existing condition, there are still  lots of  magcard equipments, with the addition of its mature technology and low cost, in the short term, the magcard technology still will use in many application fields.