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MIFARE Ultralight C RFID NFC Key Fob

  Chip Available:EM4200、EM4305、EM4450、TK4100、Mifarels50、Mifarels70、MifareUltalightEV1/MifareUltalight-C、I-CODE SLI、DESFire-2K/4K/8K、TI2048、Hitag2、Hitags、T5577、CET5577、TI2048、MFlplus2K/4K、Hitag、SLE66R、NTAG213/215/216 and their compatible chips.
  Chip Model:Ultralight C
  Operating Frequency:125KHZ
  Techinal parameters:Read/Write Endurance:100,000 time;Read Only;Reading range:5mm~20mm
  Size:85.5*54*0.84mm ,Non-standard Card(Minimum size20*20*0.84mm)
  Encapsulation Material:PVC/ABS/PET/PETG
  Application:Time and Attendance Mangement,Access control,Asset tracking,Process control,Enterprise All-in-one cards,Parking logistics,Animal Identification,industrial automation,Conference Attendance,Supermarket,People Management, Warehouse management,Medical Institutions,Patrol System
Technical parameters
Chip Model: Ultralight C
Protocol: ISO 14443A
Frequency:13.56 MHz
Memory: 192 bits
Reading range: Max 10cm (depends on the card reader and antenna)
Read/Write Endurance: 100,000 time
Material:PVC, ABS
Work Environment
Normal operation:-25 ~50 degrees
Store humidity: 20%-90%
Operation temperature: -40~65 degrees

Processing serial numbers,silk printing LOGO and other personalized crafts as customized.

Typical Appilication
Ultralight C RFID NFC Key Fob/Keychain is widely used for transportation management, attendance management, access control management, one card for school, communication, shopping mall, hotel, leisure and entertainment,etc.