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ABS TK4100 RFID Key Fob

  Chip Available:EM4200、EM4305、EM4450、TK4100、Mifarels50、Mifarels70、MifareUltalightEV1/MifareUltalight-C、I-CODE SLI、DESFire-2K/4K/8K、TI2048、Hitag2、Hitags、T5577、CET5577、TI2048、MFlplus2K/4K、Hitag、SLE66R、NTAG213/215/216 and their compatible chips.
  Chip Model:TK4100
  Operating Frequency:125KHZ
  Techinal parameters:Read/Write Endurance:100,000 time;Read Only;Reading range:5mm~20mm
  Size:85.5*54*0.84mm ,Non-standard Card(Minimum size20*20*0.84mm)
  Encapsulation Material:PVC/ABS/PET/PETG
  Application:Time and Attendance Mangement,Access control,Asset tracking,Process control,Enterprise All-in-one cards,Parking logistics,Animal Identification,industrial automation,Conference Attendance,Supermarket,People Management, Warehouse management,Medical Institutions,Patrol System
Technical parameters
Chip Model: TK4100
Protocol: ISO 18000-2
Memory: 64 byte
Reading range: Max 10cm (depends on the card reader and antenna)
Read/Write Endurance: 100,000 time
Material:PVC, ABS
Work Environment
Normal operation:-25 ~50 degrees
Store humidity: 20%-90%
Operation temperature: -40~65 degrees

Processing serial numbers,silk printing LOGO and other personalized crafts as customized.

Typical Appilication
ABS TK4100 RFID Key Fob is widely used for transportation management, attendance management, access control management, one card for school, communication, shopping mall, hotel, leisure and entertainment,etc.