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Size: 85.5*54*0.84mm
Material: PVC/ ABS/ PET/ PETG
Operating Temperature:-35℃~+70℃
Package: 200pcs/box,1000-5000 pcs/carton
Personalization:CMYK printing, Silk-screen printing, Laser printing, Inkjet printing, QR code printing, Barcode printing, Encoding, etc.
Application: Access Control, Hotel Door Lock System, Membership Card, Public Transport Card, Highway Tolls, Recharge Card, Parking, Community Management, etc.



Chip: FM11R08

User: 1024 bit
Protocol: ISO14443A
Read Distance: 20~60mm
Induction Rate: 1~2ms

Write Endurance: 100000 cycles

Chip support:TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,Mifare Desfire 2K/4K/8K EV1,Mifare Ultralight,Mifare Ultralight C,Mifare Classic 1K S50,Mifare Classic 4K S70,Felica-lite-S,Ti2048,I CODE SLI,I CODE SLI-S, I CODE SLI-X,SLE66R01,SLE66R35,NTAG213,NTAG215,NTAG216,FM11RF08,Mifare PLUS SE,ALIEN 9662 18000-6C, ALL LF,HF and UHF chips.

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